PLC panels

Versateck Control Solutions provides Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, or production process applications. Use as a standalone PLC panel or combine it with a matched HMI for superb flexible, and affordable touch interface. All of our PLC’s from leading manufactures are installed in NEMA rated enclosures and are terminated for quick and simple field installation.

HMI panels

Versateck Control Solutions offers HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels. Configurable as a standalone system with and (integrated PLC) or matched up with a powerful PLC, you can be assured that you will receive superior operator control for your automated system.
Available screens sizes (3”-20”) and options ranging in from keypad, touchscreen, colour and monotone. HMI panels are a great way to add style to control and monitor your system. We offer a wide range of NEMA enclosures for indoor and outdoor mounting options. You will receive and HMI solution that will stand out and easily and conveniently fit your next application.

Motor Control Solutions

VFD panels

Versateck Control Solutions provides AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panel packages. Configurable for Constant Torque or Variable Torque applications with horsepower ranges of 1HP to 100HP in voltages of 240VAC to 575VAC. VFD packages from Versateck Control Solutions ensures that our customers get the latest technology to suite a wide range of applications such as fans, pumps, conveyers. Configure your VFD application with protection features such as input line reactors, output load reactors, pulse braking and bypass switching.
Let us help you with an energy efficient motor control solution.

Soft Starter / Combination panels

Versateck Control Solutions offer cost-effective solutions for motor control applications that do not require a VFD.
Soft Starter panels are an economical way to control the inrush of electrical current through acceleration and deceleration management of three phase motors. We offer a wide range of packages and options that will cover most applications. Combination starter panels are designed for Full Voltage Reversing, or Full Voltage Non-Reversing Industrial motor start applications.

Versateck Control Solutions provide both starter panels with indoor and outdoor NEMA rated enclosures. We offer both IEC and NEMA rated Starters in Horsepower and Voltage ranging in 1-100HP, 208-575VAC. All starter panels are available with panel mount operation or with remote operation.

Remote Managed Solutions

Terminal / Backup panels

Versateck Control Solutions offer configurable assemblies for application where simple extended terminations are required or where backup power to a field installed system is needed.

Terminal Box panels can be configured in a variety of ways and can include simple feed-through terminations, remote relays, thermocouple, and grounding with or without Single-phase or Three-phase power supplies.

Backup power panels provide a solution to unstable power fluctuations or where a redundant power source for field installed applications are required. Configurable in Amp/hr to suite most common power applications.

Remote I/O panels

Versateck Control Solutions provides customizable Remote I/O panels that will expand your industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and production process applications. Flexible, and affordable solutions installed in NEMA rated enclosures. Remote I/O panels are wired for 120VAC and installed Modules will be ready for direct termination to field devices, or pre-wired to terminals as per customer requirements. I/O modules can be specified by the customer or selected by connection requirement. Remote I/O panels can also be coupled with Terminal or Backup power panels for complete I/O solutions.

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